Keith Moss

The Miracle Celebration

The Eventide – premiere in Auckland, New Zealand


The Wairua Sinfonietta conducted by Elizabeth Lau will perform The Eventide, a revised edition of a work from 2008.


World Premiere date set

The Orchestra of the National Theatre Claudio Santoro have programmed the premiere of Wild Horses don’t Break for September 25, 2018.  Extremely excited to meet the conductor and players in 10 days!  You can see my name in lights here.  The work is based on a poem I received from a friend and poet, Annwen Bates.  I sincerely hope the work does her piece justice

São Paulo Contemporary Composers Festival to premiere new work 2018

Delighted to announce that the BRAZILIAN NATIONAL THEATRE CLAUDIO SANTORO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA will be premiering a new work while at the Festival.  Only two compositions were selected out of the 20 participating composers.  Wild Horses don’t Break for full orchestra will have its work premiere in Brasília, Brazil this September 2018!  I’m am thrilled to say the least

OSM Camerata wins Ictus Competition 2017

First Prize

OSM Camerata has won in the University/Conservatory category alongside the Oklahoma State University Symphony Orchestra.  One of the performing works was arranged by Keith Moss.  He would like to send his greetings to Marius Coetzee, Manager & Artistic Director OSM CAMERATA on a job well done!


Selected to the São Paulo Contemporary Composers Festival

After submitting works to the São Paulo Contemporary Composers Festival and an interview process, Keith was chosen among 20 composers from around the world to attend.  The participants will write a new work for chamber ensemble to be recorded and broadcast nation wide in Brazil! ‘Besides an incredible performance of your music, you will be surrounded by individuals who are on the cutting edge of contemporary music.  You will live in São Paulo and experience an environment that fosters and supports high artistry.  You will receive private lessons, individual coachings of your works with professional composers and ensembles, studio recordings of your works, a concert that will be broadcast in 17 different locations around Brazil on the radio and television, as well as cultural excursions to museums, concert halls, and touristic venues. Additionally, you will form lifelong relationships that will have a significant impact on your network as a composer.’


String Quartet Nº1

This quartet was completed in 2011 and was for the sheer enjoyment of writing music.  It has elements of Debussy and Shostakovich. In four movements the duration of the work is about 15 minutes.  It has all the elements of a good quartet, with some great fast passages as well as a slow fugal third movement.

Available for purchase at


OSM Camerata revisit Concertino


The Camerata under the leadership of Marius Coetzee, Manager & Artistic Director OSM CAMERATA are revisiting the Keith Moss Concertino for Clarinet and Chamber Orchestra

Soloist: Naledi Dweba

Cape of Storms the OSM CAMERATA is an route.!!!

Listen to the Concertino on OSM RADIO Soloist Danre Strydom

Int. Extravaganza premieres new work

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Concertino for clarinet & chamber orchestra

The Concertino for clarinet & chamber orchestra by Keith Moss was commissioned by the SAMRO Foundation and OSM Camerata for the first International Clarinet Extravaganza to be presented at the OSM. Eddy van Oosthuyse, internationally acclaimed clarinettist was the soloist for the premiere. Movements 1 & 2.

The first performance took place on the 6th of October


New Music for New Films

The Paz Consort will join with the team at Open Window to perform alongside new animated projects.  This is going to be a really exciting project.  Come!

Keith Moss joins program directors of Cool Capital Biennale 2014

Hi guys. I am the music director for Cool Capital 2014. This fantastic initiative connects people under the umbrella organization and so far there are some wonderful events planned. If you are a jazz band, a folk band, rock, pop, alternative, cross-over, whatever please contact me with your “ideas” or “projects” and lets celebrate the Capital!  Click on the Cool Capital 2014 link and like the page.  Contact me for more information.  Please share this post with any musician you may know who would like to be connected with other cool people


Paz Consort forms first Choral Group

Paz Consort assembles 24 choral experts

24 singers have been drawn together by composer Pieter Bezuidenhout, who also has a love for choral  music.  He is bring both of these expertise together to form 24 singers under the Paz Consort banner.  We are very pleased with the project and as normal, we aim to perform works by young South African composers.  A call for scores has been sent out and the flurry of entrants is overwhelming.

Look ahead to the 18th of March, at Nazareth House Chapel

New Music for New Films

The Paz Consort will join with the team at Open Window to perform alongside new animated projects.  This is going to be a really exciting project.  Come!


Sara Gon Agency presents “Horizons”

Paz Consort due to perform ‘Horizons’

The sheer magnitude of styles within a timeless idiom was outstanding…

Come hear what Beeld critic Paul Boekkooi was on about…

iMPAC 2013

The first iMPAC Festival…

drew 2500 people over three days, and the 2011 festival drew over 5000 people indicating that there is an audience for exploratory film in Gauteng. Audiences were culturally diverse and included delegates from numerous embassies and key figures from the film, television and animation industries.


Keith Moss is creating an original soundtrack for TRIPTYCH – a trilogy of locally produced, contemporary moving image works by Karien Mulder, Lodewyk Barkhuizen & Francois Jonker. The soundtrack will accompany an outdoor screening and will be performed live with the Pazz Consort featuring sopranro Melissa Gerber.

THURSDAY – 21:00

KEITH MOSS is a composer that has won the Stefans Grové National composition competition as well as the University of Pretoria post-graduate prize for best creative output. In 2010 he was the SAMRO overseas scholarship winner and studied in the UK at various institutions. He has recently started up an ensemble group called the PAZ CONSORT that has performed in Port Elizabeth, Grahamstown and parts of the Eastern Cape.

MELISSA GERBER is an award winning S. Adrican soprano. In addition to her love for Baroque and French coloratura repertoire, Melissa also has a passion for new music. In 2009, together with the Chamber Music Company (UK) under the direction of Mark Troop, she performed newly composed South African works at the New Music Indaba hosted by UNISA. In 2011 Melissa premiered Panamanian composer Samuel Robles’ Coplas at the North West University’s Annual New Composers Concert, sponsored by the SAMRO Foundation. Currently Melissa is actively involved as soloist with the Paz Consort.


Compass rehearsal well underway

Rehearsals are now well underway and some great music is being produced by all involved.  We have some snapshots of the first rehearsal.  The Paz Consort will feature the music of Pieter Bezuidenhout,Franco Prinsloo, and Keith Moss on the 8th and 10th of August.  Newly written concerto’s for Marimba, Harp and String Orchestra will be conducted by Paz Consort director Keith Moss.  Magda de Vries brings her exceptional talent to the concert, a tireless champion of new music in South Africa.

SuitCase – the 12 cellos of the Paz Consort with CH2

This is something new!  Composer Keith Moss is arranging well loved songs and melodies from all over for 12 cellos and non other than CH2 Guitar duo.  Keith met these crazy cross-over flamenco/classical/rock/whatever you can think of after they performed with the University Orchestra of Pretoria.  This collaboration is going to present an awesome concert, and something wholly different than what Paz Consort has been up to for the past 4 years.  Don’t miss and book your tickets early at


Rehearsals underway for “Pendulum”

The Paz Consort will kick off 2013 with a new concert for voice, harp and clarinet in Nazareth House Chapel.  Performed by Kim Witbooi (voice), Gaylen Sales (harp) and Morné van Heerden (clarinet), the concert will feature new works by Pieter Bezuidenhout,Franco Prinsloo, and Keith Moss.  Rehearsals are in full swing.  The challenges arising from writing for the Harp have been educational and Gaylen has helped all the composers realise their vision by giving us a lot of coaching.  Looking forward to the first Paz Consort concert in Pretoria